Facts On Being Biracial
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i identified with this video so much man i almost teared up when y’all were talking about not identifying as white bc idk it just feels really good to know other black biracial people feel the same as you and it’s really validating in a great way. thank u ~

that’s what we’re here for, angel!! ^^

THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE WATCHED ALL DAY as a biracial teen lady with a white mom and a black dad, i really really related to everything they said (esp. the “you can never identify as white”). like as a kid, i really struggled with that really badly since i was raised by the white side of my family and just wanted to be like them but gradually had to realize the lesson that i just cannot do that. at school, i was repeatedly reminded that because of the color of my skin, or my hair, i didn’t exist in that way and therefore couldn’t try to nudge myself into that category. no matter how i felt or perceived myself, i will always be black before white in society. and i had to learn to embrace that, and learn about the other side of my culture that i didn’t have any access to (which i do love now and so forth). BUT YEAH THIS IS REALLY GREAT AND I RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE WATCHES THIS.

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Josie and the Pussycats in “Musical Evolution” x



Do You Remember the First Time? - Photographs by Corinne Day & Sofia Coppola, (1999)

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